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Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
of La Crosse

Upcoming Events

Hiroshima 70th Anniversary with Gerry Iguchi

August 2, 2015
10 AM

Following the end of WWII, US officials sought to create a mythology about the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan–that this had transformed “bestial and ferocious Japanese” into docile and obedient “Babysans” who would become good allies. This perspective has helped shape US relations with “Orientals” from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq, right down […]

Criminal Justice discussion

August 16, 2015
10 AM

Criminal justice issues affect everyone in our community. On August 16, our program facilitators will be Jane Klekamp, manager of La Crosse County Justice Support Services and attorney Keith Belzer. They will provide a short presentation then lead a discussion about local criminal justice issues.  Both are members of the fellowship with personal interest in and professional experience with criminal justice issues. This service will offer an expanded time […]

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