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of La Crosse

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The UN and YOU

November 2, 2014

Eric Kraemer will present the annual United Nations Sunday Service.  After a brief reminder of UN history and organization, Kraemer will demonstrate how the work of the UN coheres impressively with fundamental UU principles.  He will then discuss how we can all be involved in important efforts supporting the UN’s work, even as we act […]

“All Things in Common”: Religious, Humanist, and UU Calls to Action on Economic Justice

November 16, 2014

The worst form of oppression is material oppression, because it exacerbates all other prejudices, injustices, and disadvantages. Calls for economic justice are found in every religious tradition, and in Enlightenment and modern humanist teachings. Unitarian-Universalism offers a unique–but unrealized–opportunity for a new movement for economic justice.  Matt Stannard has been a Unitarian-Universalist since 1997. He […]

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