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Ingathering & Water Service: We are All Connected

September 11, 2016
10 AM

Ingathering & Water Service: We are All Connected Like many Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) congregations, we celebrate a Water Ceremony in September as a ritual of welcoming members and friends to a new congregational year. Water Services began over 30 years ago and vary from congregation to congregation as they speak to a deepening awareness […]

Sunday Service wtih Frank Kroncke–Subhumans:The Least Among Us

September 18, 2016
10 AM

Subhumans: The Least Among Us Frank Kroncke’s “Subhumans: the Least Among Us,” invites you to flip your world upside down and experience how it feels to be seen as subhuman–the way so many in the shadow regions of our culture exist. In embracing the cultural reality of subhumanity, you will experience being “the least among us” […]

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