UU’s Annual Bird Walk, Pancake Breakfast, & Scavenger Hunt with Melinda Knutson

Our annual bird walk at Myrick Park and this year there is an added feature… more birds, maybe? For sure there will great food in the park! The bird walk, led by Melinda Knutson, is at 9 am, and from 9- 11am the Friday Night Covenant Group will be preparing a delicious pancake breakfast, in the Myrick Eco Park building’s Discovery Room. Pancakes of all types: regular, chocolate chip, blueberry, whole grain, and gluten-free pancakes, with all the toppings you could wish for. Plus hot coffee. A great start to your Sunday morning. And an added bonus is a super fun scavenger hunt for children!

Come for the bird walk, come for the pancakes, come as a child and find stuff, or come for it all.

If you have any questions please contact coordinator@uulacrosse.org.