To say that you merely admire or respect a book could feel a bit insulting because we’re more likely to say we LOVE books that stir our emotions! What books and words do you LOVE? This multigenerational service is an opportunity to share some of the words you hold dear and experience those of members and friends.

In “Loving Literature: A Cultural History,” Deidre Shauna Lynch, professor of English at Harvard, shows us that for a long time, people didn’t love literature. Many readers believed that they read with their heads, not their hearts and they were unsettled by the idea of readers becoming emotionally attached to books and writers. However, Lynch writes—that over the century roughly between 1750 and 1850—reading became a “private and passional” activity, as opposed to a “rational, civic-minded” one.

No matter your numerical age, during this service you are invited to display books (or other forms if necessary) that you are most passionate about. We’ll create a temporary book display to celebrate how our UU community is founded on loving alike, even if we don’t always think, read or feel alike. The service will incorporate stories and samples along with time to be together. If you can’t select just one example, bring two—and all ages are invited to come dressed as a favorite character or in celebration of reading.

*A Multigenerational Service is designed to engage multiple learning styles and include everyone—from youngsters to elders—in a shared Unitarian Universalist experience.  This is one of the ways that we model and visualize our desire to coexist in difference.  Everyone is invited to join in mind, heart and spirit for a service with participation, choir, and a surprise or two!