Life As A Ho-Chunk Woman In La Crosse with Tracy Littlejohn

Tracy Littlejohn, a Home School Coordinator for the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Social Services Department in the LaCrosse Youth and Learning Center,” will provide a personal perspective from a lesser heard-from culture and how it influences her interaction with the world around her.”  She will address her subject from the perspective of living in La Crosse as a child, adult and mother. As a traditional Ho-Chunk, the cultural differences she faces in mainstream society play a significant role in how she works with Native youth. She will also touch on how the past has a profound effect on her life, her family and Native Americans in general.


Tracy has a wide-ranging background in Ho-Chunk Nation positions, ranging from education to business to heritage preservation, public relations and legislature. She also worked as Co-executive director of the Hmong Cultural and Community Agency and now serves as an advisor for the Native American Student Association.