Our Staff

Reverend Krista Taves

Consulting Minister

Rev. Krista Taves grew up on a farm in Southwest Ontario, Canada. She was raised in the progressive Mennonite tradition and her family was always active in church life. She began “preaching” on her parents’ farm at age 4, became a pianist for church services at 13, and was introduced to Unitarian Universalism when she was 27 by her mother who attended women’s gatherings at the Olinda Unitarian Universalist Church near Kingsville, Ontario. She joined the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto during her doctoral studies at York University. Soon after she felt the call to Unitarian Universalist ministry and entered seminary at the University of Toronto.

Rev. Krista’s sermons stimulate the mind, touch the heart, deepen the soul and move the spirit. They inspire self-reflection and they call for action in serving our own community and the world community. Krista forms authentic relationships easily, and her wisdom, courageous candor, and loving spirit spark spiritual growth and deepening.

Rev. Krista is active in the reproductive justice movement, having served as a volunteer clergy counselor for Faith Aloud, an organization providing spiritual support to women facing reproductive choices, since 2007. She is also active in the Black Lives Mattermovement that gathered strength in the St. Louis Region following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Rev. Krista was ordained in 2004 by the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto and the Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto. She served congregations in Ontario, Louisiana, Missouri, and is currently serving Quincy Unitarian, and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse WI.

She is married to Laurie Mecham, a Licensed Acupuncturist, who has a successful practice in Ballwin, Missouri. They enjoy the outdoors, fishing, kayaking, cycling, time with family and friends, their two rescue dogs, and vacationing in their camper.

Deborah-Eve Lombard

Lifespan Education Director
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Deborah-Eve loves to interact with all ages and create interactive life long learning experiences for everyone. Her past education adventures have been all over the world and in all kinds of locations. She’s led overnight camp-ins in museums, encouraged learning in non-traditional classrooms (eg. a floating towboat!), directed a children’s puppet company, and taught courses in literature, art history and ethnic and race studies.  Deborah-Eve is fascinated by learning about and making connections in the interconnected web of nature and knowleges. She views Lifespan Education as a dialog and exciting opportunities for sharing and learning together.