Robert Brault wrote, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things!”  This certainly rings true when thinking about UU Education in La Crosse–there’s a lot to take stock of– accomplishments and activities are punctuated with memories of raucous laughter, beaming smiles, “aha! moments,” and the hum of togetherness through joys and concerns.

Many of the most heartwarming and wonderful  instances of individual growth and community building are small moments.  For example, on Sunday mornings Lifespan Education would not materialize without the help of nursery workers, dedicated volunteers and some amazing children and teens. Each time we gather, this unique mix of humans creates special moments and celebrates “that each and every person is important, we care for the Earth and we believe in working for a peaceful, fair and free world.”

There’s a lot of thinking that goes on, as we join to be together. We’ve explored facts about climate change, and mined Chips Ahoy! cookies to simulate how extracting resources can destroy the surrounding environment.  You can imagine how the cookies crumble!  We’ve worn safety goggles to explore broken appliances at our Take Apart Party, and marked the seasons by learning about celebrations around the world that tie humans together in our quests to make sense of the ebb and flow of life. We’ve discussed spring rituals from Beltane to Holi to Passover to Easter. We’ve learned how to Pysanky; made sugar skulls to honor loved ones during Dia de Los Muertos; had varying results is science experiments; petted guinea pigs to think about how animals are connected; decorated lunch bags for senior meals; collected canned goods for the Hunger Task Force, and so much more!

Each time we share our joys and concerns, we nurture deep connections and reaffirm that “we should accept each other and keep learning together.”

Whether you are preschool age and having fun in the nursery, or school age and participating in a class, we welcome you and are so happy to see you on Sunday mornings.

Please contact Deborah-Eve if you have any questions or suggestions, at

What is Unitarian Universalist Education?

(Child, youth and family programs sometimes called RE an old abbreviation from the past!)

The education program at UU Fellowship of La Crosse involves children and families in a wide variety of activities designed to foster community and make religious exploration enjoyable. 

Students are full participants in the program and are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions. 

Activities are selected to incorporate multiple learning styles and life stages, inspire individual creativity and personal growth, and foster a sense of questioning together.

View and explore the Tapestry of Faith (UUA) curricula here.  Contact the Lifespan Education Director for information about the specific curriculum used in La Crosse this semester and/or visit a class on Sunday morning.

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